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For information about the Fairways-Lake Estate Homeowners Association, Inc please contact Premier Association Management of Central Florida at pamcl@premiermgmtcfl.com.  Real Estate sales are subject to HOA review.  Properties may require work to bring property up to HOA rules and regulations which may affect closings.
Important public documents for prospective buyers and Real Estate Agents:
FairwaysLake Estates HOA Bylaws: /editor_upload/File/FAI%20ARTICLES%20BYLAWS.pdf
FairwaysLake Estates HOA Bylaws Adms: /editor_upload/File/FAI%20BYLAWS%20AMD%201%2006_13_16.pdf
FairwaysLake Estates HOA Covenants: /editor_upload/File/FAI%20COVENANTS.pdf